I did this piece for a 75th anniversary of Batman show here in Chicago!

As the napkin reads, there will be a reception Saturday, April 26th at the Fulton Street Collective, 7-11pm! It’s also the weekend of C2E2!

I will be there with some other really cool, local Chicago Bat-Fans!

Anonymous asked: I don't mean to rush or pester you, but when can we expect the next supercakes comic? Thank you so much for your time and for making the comic in the first place.

Man, I wish I could say, it’s dependent on when I have time to work on it after work and freelance! I would like to say a month or two. It’s longer though! 21 pages as of now. Still in the rough stages mostly.

Anonymous asked: I was wondering, is there a limit to how many "spots" Spot can maintain at once? I'm really interested in hir powers. :D If you don't want to limit it, that's fine.

Good question!

Spot can only maintain portals from hir end when ze’s physically holding them open, and ze can open them with any of the “spots” on hir body! That also means hir portals can only be as wide as ze can stretch. 

I hope to do a comic involving Spot after the current one I’m drawing is done! Love the interest!


If you want to stop at our table, buy a comic, or otherwise greet Yeti Press with assorted pleasantries this spring and summer … you’re in luck!

Here’s our schedule for the next few months:

C2E2, Chicago - April 25-27

Free Comic Book Day at AlleyCat Comics, Chicago - May 3

TCAF, Toronto - May…

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I added a Character page on the Supercakes site! For now it’s got just May and Mo. Maybe now that it’s on a page, I won’t misspell Mo’s last name anymore.

It’s got favorite foods!


Hold on to your brooms!

Kat Leyh’s masterpiece Bird Witch will be available in a matter of weeks. Here’s your first look. Don’t drool too much.

All my Bird Witch comics together in one book! Including one all new story!!! IT’S HERE!!!

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A Supercakes website!

This has been a long time coming. A long time of being intimidated by Wordpress/Comicpress.

But finally.

I have a bare-bones Supercakes site.

I still have a few things to add like character profiles, but you can now read all the Supercakes comics in a row!


A special thanks to my best friend/roommate Coco! Her computer-words literacy saved my website’s ass.

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Anonymous asked: I really like your comics! I was reading the one where May's family is introduced, and I was wondering; is Spot Non-binary? :D

Yes! Spot does not identify as male or female.

Anonymous asked: Would it be at all possible to put this stuff in a slightly more *linear* format? The current interface is difficult for me to read. (And I do like it.)

Working on it! I am learning all about comicpress. It’s a lot of reading instructions, re-reading them, and then asking my roommate for help. 


Happy anniversary, Symbolia! To celebrate one full year of existence, we’re publishing a very special double issue on OUTER SPACE. Learn about black holes, canals on Mars, space architecture, and more. Subscribe to Symbolia on iPad or via PDF today.

Contributors include: Kyria Abrahams, Serenity Caldwell, MacKenzie Haley, Madeleine Johnson, Kat Leyh, Jed McGowan, Roxanne Palmer, and the Stanford Graphic Novel Project.

I did some work in this issue!

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