My first comic published with Yeti Press was Her Wings, written by RJ Casey and drawn by me! It’s been out of print for a while now, but it is available now to download for $2 HERE

My first comic published with Yeti Press was Her Wings, written by RJ Casey and drawn by me! It’s been out of print for a while now, but it is available now to download for $2 HERE


poplilly4009 said: I don't know if anyone else has asked, but how do the "Hero-Texts" work? Who sends them out and are the volunteer heroes the only ones who get them?

It’s like an official twitter feed for super-villain attacks and other similar disasters. Anyone can follow but it’s mostly volunteer superheroes. 

Anonymous said: Does Spot *want* to be one, then? Do most supers end up choosing to fight crime or perpetrate it, or just a select few?

Well Spot’s still a kid and not sure what ze wants to do. And as far as people born with powers, there are plenty who don’t use their powers to fight or do crime, Oliver for example is a botonist. :)  

viridian-plains said: Is Spot a superhero, or just a normal peep who just happens to have superpowers?

Spot is not allowed to be a superhero until ze is 16.

Anonymous said: Secret identities: are they treated in the SCverse like they usually are in comic books? Are there undisguised supers who fight crime? Do their loved ones often get in major peril like they always say they will in the superhero comics?

Secret identities in this ‘verse exist same as most comics, some heroes have them, some don’t. Not all heroes have homicidal villains though, so there are various reasons why some choose to hide their identity.

arts-dm-den said: Are super hero teams like unions? Is it like, you pay dues to get legal protections, contracts, and health insurance? Or is it more like working for a corporation where you get a salary for doing superhero work for them?

Both, different cities and teams have different set ups, there are also government funded teams. 

poplilly4009 said: First off, love your comic "Supercakes" and I hope to see more of it in the future. Second, I have a couple of questions about how their world works: Ae there special schools for those heroes/villains who plan on making that their career, and will we get to know more of the other heroes and villains too?

There aren’t special schools, there are college degrees one can get that relate to the history of superpowers, public relations, ethics…but the only “career” heroes are those who make the big teams. So the equivalent of the avengers or the justice league, those guys can hang around training and preparing for huge battles. Every other hero, like Tank and Shift, are considered volunteers. 

You’ll never meet the career heroes, and that’s on purpose, they are fighting the big villains, saving the planet, but the focus won’t ever be on them. 

A writing question.

Does anyone out there have a good source of info about child welfare social workers and/or foster care and adoption? I know the general info but I’m finding it tricky to find exact answers to specific questions like, “where do child welfare social workers actually work?” 

Also any good autobiographical writings. (not yours specifically) 

I’d like to gain some more knowledge on this topic so I feel more comfortable writing about it. 


calysto1395 said: do you have a story planned on how molly and may met? and if so are you planning on telling us or making a comic for it? also i absolutely loved the newest story especially g.g. and tank and shift were so adorable.

I do! Right now I’m planning out which stories need to be told first, not all of them will be linear. 

Anonymous said: Are there special-containment prisons for supers in the Supercakes world? I imagine people with powers like Molly's or May's would be tough to keep behind bars!

Oh you betcha. May’s uncle Isaac was in one for years in fact. That’ll be something I get to when I explain more about May’s extended family.